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The distinguished trainer is the one who possesses the information and the knowledge which he has got. It is his duty to gave away those scientific skills in his possession to the greatest number of people, so people can communicate with each other and spread the information between generations.

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Our Media training Center is a combination of academic and professional education at the same time, where the media is applied in an integrated media environment away from the boring classrooms. All our courses are held at Our Media Group, where the TV and radio studios are equipped with technical and editorial equipment. Our focus is on developing the media skills of our trainees and building a highly professional generation in Media. Our trainers are highly skilled and have extensive experience in their field. If you are an employee, university teacher, or a freelancer, and you want to be one of our instructors as a part time.
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  • Full knowledge of the training content of the course.
  • Ability to listen to trainees.
  • The ability to encourage trainees to speak and to highlight their reactions and opinions about the material presented to them.
  • Ability to question and interact with the trainees and answer their questions directly and convincingly.
  • Vitality and activity and enthusiasm
  • Familiarity with modern training methods and ability to use training aids.